Saturday, July 12, 2014

The John Ford Blogathon Day 6

The air conditioning here at Stately Krell Laboratories had crapped out for the weekend, so your humble bloginatrix is going to be spending the day in the comforting coolness of a movie house. Meanwhile, the Blogathon rolls on.

Michaël the Cinephiliaque looks at Ford's last film, 7 Women, and finds it enjoyable and intriguing.

My partner in crime, Anna, over at Bemused and Non-Plussed looks at the role of children in Ford, particularly in Just Pals, Wee Willie Winkie, and How Green Was My Valley.

Aurora at Once Upon a Screen takes a close look at Rio Grande, the price Ford paid in order to make The Quiet Man. All such compromises should come out so well.

Jon over at Contemplations on Classic Movies expands on his piece on Donovan's Reef today.

The Vintage Cameo looks at the legend of Wyatt Earp--who Ford actually met once upon a time--as filmed in My Darling Clementine.

Check back throughout the day for more entries.


Jon Oye said...

I've expanded my essay on Donovan's Reef. Looks like a slow day on the blogathon, so in case anyone feels like checking it out…

Anonymous said...

I ALMOST missed the party, but please find my entry here:

Can't wait to read all the other posts!