Thursday, July 10, 2014

The John Ford Blogathon Day 4

We're rounding the bend today. I hope you've been reading along, because the quality of work being posted by everyone is outstanding. I'll post my own entries near the end. In the meantime, here are today's offerings.

Lee Price at 21 Essays continues his examination of Ford by way of Wagon Master, this time looking at the role of Native Americans--particularly Ford's stock company of Navajo--in both the film and in Ford's life. As usual, it's a complex relationship.

W. B. Kelso at Micro-brewed Reviews takes a long look at The Searchers--a film that deserves a long look I might add--and puts it into context with both Ford's career as a filmmaker and with the Western itself.

The Public Transportation Snob includes some gorgeous screen caps in his write-up of She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.

The wonderfully named Cary Grant Won't Eat You chimes in with an assessment of the debacle that is Mister Roberts, a film whose ills are largely the result of John Ford.

Make sure to check back later as new posts roll in.

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Silver Screenings said...

Really enjoying this blogathon. I'm learning so much!