Friday, July 11, 2014

The John Ford Blogathon Day 5

We're entering the home stretch now. Hopefully the weekend will bring the fireworks.

We start off again with Lee Price at 21 Essays, who speculates about how his grandmother would have received Wagon Master before looking at some of the animal stars of the film.

Anna at Bemused and Non-plussed takes on the collaboration between Ford and Will Rogers in Judge Priest and Steamboat Round the Bend as she continues to mine the Ford at Fox box.

Your humble bloginatrix wrote a long essay about Stagecoach some years ago that seems appropriate here. Taking you "Along the Scenic Route."

Portaits by Jenni has a terrific look at Sergeant Rutledge, in which Woody Strode steps into the starring role.

Marilyn Ferdinand of the excellent Ferdy on Films sends us an older piece on The Quiet Man that's so thorough that it drops the mic.

Check back throughout the day as new entries roll in.


Anonymous said...

My post is up about the movie Sergeant Rutledge for the John Ford Blogathon.

Jon Oye said...

I've added a couple of items to the John Ford Gallery: a rare program cover for Mother Machree, and an oddity in which Constance Towers Sings to the Horse Soldiers. Enjoy!