Thursday, September 11, 2014

The October Challenge--2014 Edition

There's a snap of autumn in the air this week and here at Stately Krell Laboratories, that can only mean one thing: it's horror movie season. Yes, boils and ghouls, The October Challenge will soon be upon us once more. To recap the rules, in case you've forgotten: the goal is to watch 31 horror movies during the month of October, with at least 16 of those films being completely new to you. There are plenty of side games you can play with the challenge, but the one I usually pursue for myself is to write a substantial blog post about every movie I see for the Challenge. This is not, strictly speaking, necessary. My friend, the inestimable Dr. AC over at Horror 101 usually runs his challenge as a fundraiser for charity--something I've done in the past and may do again.

If you're blogging the challenge, I'll be doing link round-ups again, so leave me comments when your content appears. I'll add you to the (hopefully) daily link dump.

In any event, I hope you've stockpiled some movies and laid in a supply of cider and pumpkin pie. Here's a new set of banners for the challenge, if you want them, but any of the banners from past years are fair game. Tally ho!

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Timothy S. Brannan said...

I am on this!

I already have 25 movies picked out and I am doing nothing but Vampire films this year.

Pun Isaac said...

I always enjoy Tim's posts, so I think I'm going to give it a shot this year.

Since my blog, Halls of the Nephilim, is a gaming blog, I'll my goal is to post something table top related with each review.

Vulnavia Morbius said...

Great. I look forward to seeing your stuff.