Saturday, August 20, 2011

Send Krell Laboratories to Fantastic Fest!

A friend of mine has invited me to Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas next month, and I'd love to go and blog the festival. Unfortunately, I'm as much a victim of the current economy as anyone and I don't currently have the money for it. I have a place to stay lined up for the festival, but airfare, food, and (most importantly) tickets are all costs I'm short. So I'm staging a fundraiser. That's where you come in. I'm soliciting donations. In return, I'm planning to blog about the entire festival, so you'll be supporting new content. But if that's not enough of an incentive, there's more. For anyone who supports this fundraiser with a $15 donation, I will send that person a sketch card of anything they want. It can be a movie star, a comic book character, a D&D character, whatever their heart's desire. Sketch cards will be on 3x5 pieces of bristol board, in ink, along the lines of this drawing I did of Claudia Cardinale:

Or this one I did of Vincent Price (though the finished card would, of course, be in ink):

I may have to put a cap on these based on how many I end up having to do. I don't want to make anyone wait a long time to get their sketch.

But wait, there's more! Donate $25, and I'll send you a DVD-R of either Orson Welles's rarely seen film, Chimes at Midnight or Ladislaw Starewicz's equally rare animated feature, The Story of the Fox, your choice. Just be aware that these won't be pristine prints by any means, but they'll at least be watchable. There will be 8 of these available. Donate $50, and I'll send you DVD-Rs of both films. There will be 8 of these available, too.

Smaller donations are, of course, welcome, too, and I'll make a point of thanking each and every person who donates on the blog. I figure I'll close out the fundraiser one way or another two weeks from now, on September 3rd.

How to donate: just press this button. Make sure you send me a note with your donation.

And in the immortal words of Bartles and James: "Thank you for your support."

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