Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The John Ford Blogathon Day 3

Day three of the blogathon sees your humble bloginatrix procrastinating her own entries, but fear not! I'll get a couple of somethings up by the week's end.

Meanwhile, groove on the work of our other excellent participants:

Lee Price at 21 Essays kicks things off again today with the third entry of his epic examination of Wagon Master. Today, he looks at the geography of "The Promised Land," and the film's view of Mormonism.

Caftan Woman joins us this morning, too, with an excellent piece of Ford biography through the lens of The Informer.

Movies Silently goes all the way back to "Jack" Ford's first year of directing for a look at Bucking Broadway and a portrait of Ford's early career in silents. Lots of stills!

Christy Putnam looks at Maureen O'Hara and Ford's way with women in a post that spans their entire collaboration.

Jon at Contemplations on Classic Film and Music sends us a piece on Donovan's Reef and his lovely Ford gallery.

Be sure to check back as other entries roll in. I have a feeling this event is going to end with a bang.


Fritzi Kramer said...

Hi there!

My review of "Bucking Broadway" is up.

Thank you so much for hosting!

Jon Oye said...

Here's my essay on Donovan's Reef:

… and my ongoing John Ford Gallery:

Thanks! Thoroughly enjoying the blogathon.

- Jon

W.B. Kelso said...

Here's my review of The Searchers. Thanks again for providing this forum. Also, I'm afraid I'll have to beg off on the review of Donovan's Reef. There just isn't enough time. *sigh* Looks like someone's got it covered anyway. *whew*