Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blogorama--1967 Edition

1967 Blogathon banner

Tis the season for blogathons. I'll be doing the 1967 blogathon next month. My films will be Seijun Suzuki's yakuza freak-out, Branded to Kill and King Hu's classic kung fu film, Dragon Inn. The blogathon is being hosted by Silver Screenings and The Rosebud Cinema, so pay them a visit if you want in on the fun.

Patreon Logo
I'm trying out Patreon as a means of funding my blogs. They don't have a widget yet, so this link will just have to do. If you like my writing and art and if you'd like to support Krell Laboratories and Christianne's Art and Comics, please come on over and pledge. Thanks.

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