Friday, June 07, 2013

Notes from an Absentee Landlady

I haven't been blogging about film much lately. This is partially from blogging burnout. It's partially due to an extended period of depression and personal anxiety (I won't get into that here). Mostly, though, I just haven't been seeing any movies. This is a crucial element of blogging about movies, don't you think? I have in the past, I'll be using a couple of blogathons to jumpstart my blogging again. In the absence of a queer film blogathon this year, I'll retreat to classic film. The first one is the Dynamic Duo Blogathon, which is being co-hosted at Once Upon a Screen and The Classic Movie Hub. The other is the Barbra Stanwyck blogathon, being held by our old friend, Aubyn, over at The Girl With the White Parasol. Here are the relevant banners.

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