Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blogorama: Snowpocalypse Edition

We had another eight inches of snow dumped on us today, thus foiling my plans to see the new Park Chan-Wook film this afternoon. In the interim, I thought I'd do some housekeeping. First off: I've been nominated for a Lammy, without any campaigning on my part. Someone out there must like me, which makes me giddy. So if you are eligible to vote, take a look at my coverage of True/False and decide whether that deserves an award. Thank you for your support. For details, click the lamb:

Second: I haven't done a blogathon in a while, so it's high time I rectified that. I've got two of them coming up. The first one, coming in a little over a week, is the annual White Elephant movie exchange. I've got my movie. It's...not as merciful as my past films have been. Check back on April Fool's Day to find out how much pain I'm in for and take a look at White Elephant Central for other similarly buffaloed victims.

The other blogathon I have coming up is The Terrorthon, a look at classic, pre-1980s horror movies. This is right up my alley, and I've already picked the movies I'm going to write about. This one will run April 20th-24th. It's run by Page over at My Love of Old Hollywood. Check it out.

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