Monday, February 11, 2013

Odds and Ends: Muriels Edition

The Muriel Awards are upon us once again, and once again, the powers that be have foolishly allowed me to cast a ballot. I guess they needed to let at least a couple of girls into the boys' clubhouse to make things legit.

The awards are rolling out gradually this week, so check it out. I'll be posting my own ballot with some comments once the whole thing has posted next week. I'm a horrible list maker, and a few of my selections were disallowed for distribution reasons, but what the hell. I might want to refer to this sometime in the future.

Anyway, the Muriels site can be seen here.

I'll also be participating in the White Elephant Blogathon again this year. I thought about being cruel with my movie selection this year, but I went with something interesting instead.

1 comment:

Steve C. said...

I've gone "interesting" on the Elephant for the last three years. Went nuclear this year. Hope the person on the other end survives...