Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion: Pea Green Boat Edition

Sometime last year, I was contacted by Cathy Reed Webber, who publishes a web zine called "Pea Green Boat." She wanted to know if she could reprint, "The Eternal City," my review of Metropolis. The theme for the issue she was putting together was "Uncanny," and she thought that my post would fit the theme to a "T." I'm always flattered when people like my writing and I liked the first issue of her zine, so I agreed.

"Uncanny" turned out to be a long time in coming, but it's finally out on the interwebs for your enjoyment. It's a 120 pages of writing about robots, transhumanism*, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, computer animation, and gaming, to name just a few of the topics. There's fiction, essay, poetry, art, cartoons. It's a pretty awesome zine, to tell you the truth. I'm proud to be in it. Interestingly, though, "The Eternal City" doesn't appear. There's a quote from my review, but not the whole thing. Between Cathy's invitation to contribute and the publication of the zine, I wrote a review of Tron: Legacy that I thought better fit her theme. She concurred. Hence, that's what she published.

For what it's worth, I don't mind this. "The Eternal City" is my most popular blog post by a wide margin. It's had thousands of page hits, so it's finding an audience. "The Ghost in the Machine?" Not so much. Less than a hundred. So I'm happy to give it new life because I'm proud of everything I write, even the relatively unloved.

Anyway, download the PDF and enjoy. As I say, it's a pretty terrific zine.

*N.B.: Contrary to my usual concerns with transgenderism, "transhumanism" is no relation.

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