Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Blogorama Part V

So the annual film preservation blogathon is coming around again, and this time it has a Hitchcockian theme. The proceeds this year will fund the streaming (for free, no less) of several silent films rediscovered and restored within the last several years. Face it, if you don't live near a film industry hub, you have little or no chance of seeing these films otherwise. One of the films in question is The White Shadow, the first film with substantial contributions from Alfred Hitchcock. He didn't direct it, but he did damn near everything else. And, damn it! I for one want to see it!

The blogathon is being hosted once again by Ferdy on Film and the Self-Styled Siren. Marilyn's partner in crime, Rod Heath, is striking out on his own for this and will also be hosting at his new This Island Rod blog. There's also a wonderful array of banners this year, so many, I had a hard time choosing one for this post. Fortunately, Vertigo has been on my mind because it's been on my iTunes. Finally, for the luvva Pete, "like" the Facebook page! Every "like" helps the cause.

This is kind of serendipity for me. I've never written much about Hitchcock. I started blogging after I was "over" my Hitchcock phase. This is an opportunity to get back in touch with the things that corrupted me in the first place. This will be fun. Hopefully, any bloggers who are reading along will join the fun. Or just open the ol' checkbook. Or do both! Did I mention the prizes? There will apparently be prizes. As if a Hitchcock film you've never had the opportunity to see wasn't enough. P'shaw.

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Aubyn said...

I'm thrilled to hear that you're going to be writing about Hitchcock. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.