Friday, January 20, 2012

Some Housekeeping

I've been invited to vote in the Muriels at the end of this month. Fool that I am, I agreed. If it seems like I've been watching more new movies over the last several months, that's why. I started out way behind the eightball and it's been a struggle to catch up. This means that I'll actually be posting a best of the year list, which is something I've never been comfortable with. Unfortunately, I've been so focused on this that I've been neglecting some other things.

One of those other things is the fact that I'm starting a new career as a self-employed artist. I'll have more about that when I get all my ducks in a row. I'm not planning on turning this into an art blog, but I may start posting a lot more shameless self-promotion. My apologies in advance. Some of that art will definitely be movie related, and I'll post a link to my Etsy store once I'm ready to start selling stuff. I'll also probably start a sister blog for art.

Also, Womanthology is coming. I haven't plugged it recently, so here you go. I have a single page in this mammoth book, but I think I hold my own against all comers. I don't lack for ego sometimes. Seriously, there's all sorts of awesome stuff in this book. Here's the link:

Womanthology was one of last year's big Kickstarter success stories, so I'll pay it forward a little. I was contacted by an indie film producer to see if I would link to the Kickstarter she's running for The Joneses, a documentary about a quirky family headed by a transgender matriarch. Trans cinema being something of interest here at stately Krell Labs, I think it would be an interesting film. I hope it gets made. Here's the promo video:

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