Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The October Challenge is Nigh!

The Seventh Annual October Horror Movie Challenge begins next week. This year, I'll be doing something a bit differently. I'm going to run it like a blogathon. So, in addition to making (theoretically) daily posts about my own horror movie viewings, I'll be posting links to other bloggers who have taken up the challenge. If you want to participate, let me know in the comments or email me at archaeopteryx_wtw at yahoo dot com and I'll add you to my spreadsheet and RSS reader.

Some history: The October Challenge started on the IMDB's horror message board. The rules are simple: Watch 31 horror movies over the 31 days of October. At least 16 of these movies must be movies you've never seen before. You are, of course welcome to watch as many horror movies as you like beyond the basics, so don't let me stop you. Within the basic challenge, many participants undertake additional challenges. For instance: last year, I challenged myself to watch 31 movies that I hadn't seen before allowing myself to watch any old favorites. Some other suggestions: 31 Asian horror movies, 31 horror movie sequels, 31 European horror movies, 31 horror movies from a specific decade, etc. These obviously require some planning and certainly added spice. You can watch them all in any configuration you like. All in one go or rationed out over the month. The only thing that matters at the end is the final number, not how you got there.

Finally: last year, I undertook the October Challenge for charity. Last year, my charity was the National MS Society. I pledged fifty cents for every movie I watched and at the end of the challenge cut them a check for $20. This year, I plan to do the same and invite others to pledge against my viewings as well (or to pledge against their own viewings). I also pledged some amount on my friend, Aaron Christensen's challenge. Aaron was my editor for Horror 101 and he is an all-around fantastic guy. His charity last year was an AIDS charity in Chicago. This year, he's supporting AmeriCares disaster relief. He has the same deal. Pledge x-amount per movie--last year he only asked for a dime or a quarter--and settle up in November. He raised over a thousand bucks last year.

Finally, here are some banners you can use (Herbert West is new for 2011):


Mr. Gable said...

This is great! I have actually been planning this very same challenge for my blog. I will be announcing it soon but I'm definitely going to be a part of this.


Andreas said...

Ashley and I, over at Pussy Goes Grrr, will definitely be participating. We were going to watch a ton of horror movies anyway, and this gives it a sense of community!

Thanks for the idea, and for hosting it!

Vulnavia Morbius said...

Woohoo! The more the merrier!

Jenn said...

Let's do this thing!

Vulnavia Morbius said...

Hi, Jenn! We're gonna be all up in this mo fo! Rock and roll!

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I'll be participating (and keeping track on my blog as well). I think this makes my fifth year. And I'll definitely being using the Herbert West banner (I used Carrie in 09 and Scanners in 10). :D

Timothy S. Brannan said...


I am in.