Thursday, September 30, 2010

Help Dr. AC fight AIDS with SCARE-A-THON 2010

One final note before the Challenge begins. My friend, Aaron Christensen, who blogs and agitates for horror under the nom du guerre, Dr. AC, has turned his month-long slog through the strange corners of the horror genre into a fundraiser. Here's his explanation:

However, this October, while celebrating silver screen screams, I also hope to strike a blow against real-life horrors. In the spirit of a read-a-thon or a walk-a-thon, I plan to embark on SCARE-A-THON 2010 and I am asking for your help.

Season of Concern is Chicago-based organization that provides direct-care support for people living with HIV and AIDS. ( My request is simple: For every movie I watch, I am asking folks to donate one dime. Yes, a mere ten cents per scream. My goal is to watch somewhere between 60 and 80 films next month, which means that you would only be asked to contribute $6 -$8 – the price of a restaurant burger. However, if this is too steep, you could donate $0.05 or even $0.01 per film. Or you could even make a straightforward donation of whatever amount you deem viable. Every little bit helps and many hands make for light work. Together, we can make a big difference for someone out there who needs our help.

There's more information on Aaron's blog. I'm taking the plunge. I hope lots of other people do, too.

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