Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Shameless Self-promotion #3

Aaron Christensen was my editor for Horror 101. In addition to being a super nice (and super handsome, grrowl) guy, he is also involved with Chicago's Wild Claw Theater. He asked a handful of 101 contributors, including yours truly, if we would contribute to the Wild Claw blog about all things horror. He asked so nicely that I couldn't refuse. My initial offering is online now. It begins:

"The seminal item in question for today's symposium is Stephen King's Danse Macabre, originally published in 1981. Technically, I'm a little bit early with this, but as it so happens there's a new edition this year for which King has added a new essay called "What's Scary," so this turns out to be topical. People have been calling for King to write a follow-up to Danse Macabre for years, given the explosion of the genre since its publication. I doubt that this new essay is going to quiet those demands."

Read the rest there.

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gelpi2010 said...

Aaron is indeed a nice a guy. In fact, contrary to popular wisdom, most horror fans are very nice people. Much nicer than your average churchgoer [wink]

My wife is a King groupie. I gave her Danse Macabre as a Xmas gift. I will show her your essay. Funny thing, she doesn't care for horror films! Anyhow, good job.