Monday, March 16, 2009

Beware, the Ides of March

A light week for me. In fact, I didn't see a single movie. This is a rare occurrence for me. I spent a lot of time reading Dan Simmons's new book, Drood (which I haven't finished yet), and I listened to a Ruth Rendell novel in the car on my commute to work.

I did, however, watch the last episode of the first season of Rome. Appropriate, given that the centerpiece of the episode is the assassination of Caesar on the floor of the senate. It was the Ides of March, after all. This last episode was a doozy. I can't imagine having to wait out the second season when there was a chance that it wasn't going to happen. My main thoughts: I loved the way Caesar's death was played, with out him saying "et tu Brute," but with an accusing and betrayed glare as he died. Also, Sevillia is picking the wrong enemy in Octavian. Yikes. That kid is going to run rings around everyone.

History porn at its finest.


Deborah said...

You know what I did?

I met my son's girlfriend. But wait. This sophisticated young lady, who has taken film history classes, had never seen Four Weddings and a Funeral. So that's what we did. We laughed, we cried, we bitched about Andie MacDowell.

Oh, hell, now I'm going to blog it.

DeAnna said...

Have you seen any of The Tudors? I intended to start watching The Tudors after I heard that Johnny Rhys Meyers would star, but never did. At that time, I was deeply involved with Big Love and Dexter, so I never did tune into The Tudors. And I missed Rome when it aired too.

And now, I don't have cable, so I'd have to rent. Actually, I probably have a season or two to catch up on for both of Dexter and Big Love.

dr.morbius said...

Hi, DeAnna. I haven't seen any of The Tudors, but then, I don't think Johnny Rhys Meyers is aging well. He was scorching hot back when he played Steerpike in Gormenghast, not so much in recent years. Dissolution will do that to a person. On the other hand, maybe that's right for playing a younger Henry XIII.

Plus, we still don't have cable, either.